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don’t do the damn symlink yourself

setting up a vhost in apache on an ubuntu machine?  need to symlink it to sites-enabled?  don’t do it manually you big dummy.

following commands let you create/destroy symlinks for vhosts and apache modules:

a2dismod  a2dissite  a2enmod    a2ensite

so blahblah blah i add a new site for

create my vhost in /etc/apache2/sites-available/


Symlink is added, restart apache and you got your cool site.

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change that, son.

This was a great help.  Basically I had to take about 8 files with the word “stage” in them and replace it with “dev”

for i in ./*stage*;do mv -- "$i" "${i//stage/dev}";done

Bang, done!

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get all of your ELB names for some sort of reason

so tony says i need to blog that shit.  so i am blogging that shit.

sometimes when i need to make a large amount of changes to several ELB’s i need a quick way to throw all of the names into a single file.  here’s a fast way to use the AWS API CLI tools to grab all of your ELB names.

prereq:  actual CLI access, your keypair (use dialt0ne’s aks to switch between your IAM accounts), the ELB CLI tools and a few minutes.

Put that shit into a text file:

$ elb-describe-lbs > elbs

cat that shit and pipe into awk printing only the second field which contains the actual ELB names:

$ cat elbs| awk '{print $2}' > elb-names

now look at that shit and confirm you got all your ELBs

$ cat elb-names

now go listen to slayer.

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