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memory and tape drives

i’ll be moving to a new company soon, a new position doing neat stuff with pretty great people.  in the process of getting ready to move to this new position i’ve had to spend time putting together notes and information for people at my previous employer.

one of my big tasks while i was here was removing a bacula solution which was running on a machine that was quite outdated.  i moved all of my servers backups to a big ol’ dell r510 server with a two drive tape solution.

one of weird hangups is how the dell powervault tl2000 handles linux memory management.  for some reason the tape controller didn’t care for cached memory.   this would basically spit an error into /var/log/messages when trying to mount a tape “sorry no free ram, can’t do it.”

because all we are doing is backups, file cache isn’t really important in memory.   i added a shell script in cron that  makes use of info provided on the drop_caches tunable.  more info on the tunable can be found here:


you can grab the script i am using to drop the caches from github:


dell was never really ever able to give me an answer why the TLD’s would act this way.  when i told them i was just purging memory from cache they said “if it works, then stick with it.”

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