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reflections on my last day

today’s my last day at the current job.  some thoughts on what i took from working here…

was able to gain some knowledge on using xen cli tools.

fussed around with multipath and how you can present luns from a dell san.  this was a neat skill to pick up.

took in some experience on dealing with hardware vendors, navigating quotes and making sure that i was not being overcharged, or sold more equipment than i needed.  this turned into a huge thing and i managed to recoup about $3k in overcharges for my employer.

learned how to install, administrate and maintain symantec’s netbackup.  this was a big undertaking.  no training what so ever, so it was just a matter of reading the documentation and getting some assistance from symatec’s team.

spent some more time around solaris, and i still don’t care for it.

i did way more documenting than i have in the past, which was already a lot.  i guess the less day to day contact you have with other members of a team, the more you have to document things.  so i did my best to document everything i did day to day.

i leave here without making big a mark as i hoped to.  but i am trying to follow a new career path that i hope really changes my future.  i am taking an opportunity that i couldn’t pass up.

more technical stuff to come…

enjoy this song from slapshot that kind of relates to my feelings:



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